What is SEO? How Does it work?

What is SEO

What is SEO

Guys, if I'm not wrong we all are aware of what SEO is,. However, I can tell you from experience that following up is incredibly tough. Not only do you have to understand the different aspects of SEO, you have to do it not only on your own but every day! You cannot be fussy or hurry through anything that you do and expect to consistently be on top. Many people make mistakes, but we need to take a long, hard look at what we are doing and do better.

On a basic note, SEO (search engine optimization) is a kind of internet activity that stays for a long-term commitment to a website. Moreover, it is one of the most effective & influencing ways of driving traffic to the business website throughout the targeted audience; But, according to some aspects, SEO or search engine optimization refers to broadcasting the website's content using quality keywords by filling them in content more than it needs ( unnecessary Keyword Stuffing). Thus we must need to know which of the keywords used in content need to include to get the website on top ranking in SERP. Overall the theory says that, if you add the relevant keywords to your website's content then it will be easy for your targeted audience to get on your website going through the broad search which they are searching or looking for indeed.

By the way, e-Business today is being done like never before, with the expansion into the digital world. Today it is simply unthinkable for a business to survive without a robust online presence to speak of. The reality is, that companies today pay more attention to their online stores rather than their physical ones. It is common to see stores that have a substantial virtual presence and their physical counterparts no more than warehouses to store their goods.

Here are some things you want to do in your SEO process. I’m sure you will find that this list is different for every audience you reach, and you want to practice what works for them.

1. Be authentic. I use this phrase very often, but people need to know who you are. Whether you are a fashion brand or a tech company — take some time to understand who you are and identify how people will identify you. I have found from my own experiences that when I personally identify as a tech brand, my followers are excited and ready to learn. They also have never worked with me before, but you will get a positive response if people know you first. A short conversation or email from someone that knows me personally is actually what will increase attention.

2. Understand what your audience wants. Remember when you were a kid? If you were writing about something fun or creative or just silly to you, you probably knew what your audience wanted and that actionable advice or advice. The same goes for today. It is very easy to get caught up in your day-to-day routine and get lost in the details. Luckily for us, we have Google (!) to pick up the slack and quickly find you. Try to start early.

3. Monitor your visitors. People want to know what things are going well and what is performing poorly. Follow your visitors throughout your website to improve your efficiency as a business. My favorite course to learn is from Benedict Evans. It will explain what you can do to improve your marketing strategy or track where you need to be at specific times of the day. But don’t stop there. Your visitors need to see you helping them. Make them feel like they are important, so give them something to talk about and ask questions about. It will make them more interested in what you have to offer and improve how engaged they are.

4. Be innovative. Think of it as a science experiment. Watch the ball roll off the surface of the water to see what material bounces the most to the floor. This is a simple process to practice but put in your experience as an entrepreneur and experiment with your visitors. What would you like to see if you’re selling something new or the same thing that you’re selling now? Is there something you’d do to improve the experience of the website, or is there anything you’d take away from the experience?

5. Fulfill your brand promise. Think of the community at large, as well as each person, as one entity. Often you will meet people from other countries and different industries. Choose on an individual and a group basis who you want to be talking with on a daily basis. Who knows, you might discover something that will enrich your business and make you want to talk about it every day.

6. Commit to change. Let’s face it, once we’ve already proven that we know who we are and the work we want to accomplish, change is likely to come. Changing is a part of the process, and change is what a lot of people need to implement for things to better their lives. Even the worst writing advice we’ve ever received in history has turned out to be quite powerful. Investing time in asking yourself these questions will allow you to be more confident about the results you can get.

You will likely find that the one question that resonates the most is really just yourself. When you ask for help, a lot of people will roll their eyes. But before you know it, other people will be making suggestions and helping you to move in the right direction. When you become your audience, you become the one to recommend or be the one in need of advice.

SEO is easy to practice, but it’s hard to implement. My challenge for everyone is to continue and practice until you have become your target audience. You should feel comfortable asking questions, testing out your ideas, and learning and growing in your overall experience.

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